Kinbark Products Playgrade Bark is used on playgrounds in parks and private leisure areas. It acts as a buffer under children’s’ swings and slides, cushioning falls and therefore reducing injuries. It is also used extensively on forest walks and woodlands gardening.

Ordering and Purchasing Playgrade Bark
Playgrade Bark is sold in a few ways from Kinbark:

Ex Yard
Many customers call to our yard for one scoop (1.5m3) which will fill your average car trailer. If calling for collection from Monday to Friday, please ring in advance to confirm someone is available to load. It’s rare there is no one available, but to avoid disappointment, please confirm this on the day. On Saturday (8:30am to 4pm), we are available all day for loading.

Delivery of Playgrade Bark depends on the quantity and location but please contact us and we can quote for any query. If you are unsure of how much you need, simply measure the area in feet and contact us – we will work out the rest!

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