“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” 

― Warren Buffett

A common request by customers is to move trees currently growing in their own garden, to remove trees for new garden design or just simply as they have outgrown the area they are currently planted in.

Kinbark offer a professional transplanting service to their customers. With the use of specialised machinery, we can move mature and semi mature trees on your property. To view how our tree lifting is done check out the lifting of a mature tree onsite at Kinbark Nurseries. (video)

We also do a removal service for any unwanted overgrown trees or screening in your garden.

Our service includes tree moving, transplanting trees or providing and planting mature and semi mature trees for private and commercial properties, golf courses and county councils.

We are a professional company with a vast thirty years experience and will treat your property with due care and respect and will take great care in preventing any damage