Bareroot season, as a rule, starts with the first month with an ‘R’ in it. But as our climate here in Ireland is so unpredictable, we at Kinbark never risk starting too early as this can affect trees/plants when lifted too early. We only begin to lift when all the leaves have fallen as this is when they are dormant. This season generally continues until March, depending on the weather.

What bareroot season means is that trees and plants are lifted from the ground and sold directly to the customer with the root bare. This cuts out the work at the nursery of potting, watering and maintenance and so makes them much cheaper to the customer. The item is lifted and sold to the customer as it comes out of the ground. As this happens during the wintertime, there’s more chance of rainfall and so cuts back on the job of watering.

Root balled is another term you will come across in this season. Unlike the bareroot, most of the soil is kept on these trees and plants and wrapped using a hessian netting to keep them intact.

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Throughout this season we stock a wide range of sizes and varieties in both bareroot & rootballed stock.